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Medical marijuana is the same marijuana used for recreational purposes derived from plants and chemicals. However, recent studies have shown that it helps in curing various ailments, such as cancer, asthma, and nausea, and mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and hallucinations. Medicinal marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol oil which are two stimulants that help in treating bodily aches.

The human body produces chemicals similar to those present in marijuana for digestion, sleep, and pleasure. This is one of the greater reasons why marijuana is so effective for the human body in curtailing various diseases and ailments. Over the years, studies have shown that marijuana has had greater benefits than damages changing the stereotypes against marijuana in the USA. Since 2018, more than 20 states have legalized the consumption of marijuana for medicinal or recreational uses, and this number is expected to grow over the years.

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Medical uses of Marijuana

Marijuana is a term used for cannabis-derived from different plants or produced through chemicals; it contains the chemical cannabinoid, which is used to provide ecstasy and relaxation to the body. Marijuana, also known as the happy drug, is highly beneficial in curing diseases that were once thought to be incurable.

Cancer is a life-endangering disease, and its treatment is quite expensive and not affordable for many lower-income households. However, studies have shown great progress in cancer patients using marijuana as a medicine. Asthma attacks, nausea, nerve pain, and other bone pains can be numbed through the use of marijuana. Still, it is to be noted that marijuana is not a substitute for anesthesia. General anxiety disorder and depression are also to be cured through the regular use of marijuana.

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Methods of Treatment

Marijuana can be consumed in several ways, either through smoking, edibles, pills, and capsules; moreover, it can also be consumed as a liquid substance. As mentioned above, marijuana is not a substitute for anesthesia.

However, doctors prescribe it throughout the state to cure spasms, headaches, muscle pain, inflammation, sleep deprivation, and its long-term effects. Also, very effective in curing cancer and breathing problems. The chemicals present in marijuana are very compatible with the human body because the human body produces similar chemicals. Marijuana helps extravagant their effects which then produces feelings of relaxation and joy.

How to acquire a medical marijuana card in Wellington

Medical marijuana cards are easily accessible in states in which it is legal. The primary step is to have symptoms of curable diseases through the use of marijuana. Secondly, it should be made certain that all other forms of medicine have been used, and marijuana is considered the last resort.

Moreover, any history of drug abuse or specifically abuse of marijuana makes it considerately difficult to obtain a medical marijuana card. However, it is again subjected to different circumstances. But generally, states make it applicable for an individual to have a medical marijuana card if suffering from glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, seizures, or chronic pains. They can be applied for through a physician.

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Process for acquiring of medical marijuana card in Wellington

In the case of our clinic, the patient would have to follow a list of procedures to acquire a medical marijuana card. First, the patient would have to fill up a questionnaire form outlining their medical condition and personal details. The first procedure overlaps for all types of patients. Nevertheless, transfer patients can acquire their cards by providing the necessary documents handed over to them by their previous clinic. You can schedule a meeting with our medical marijuana clinic by contacting us via email or phone call. Our staff at the clinic would then determine the eligibility of the patient for the health card. The process is risk-free, and you will not be charged an extra penny if you do not qualify. Moreover, our clinic has an agile response and provides medical marijuana cards to patients who qualify on their first appointment.

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Patient suspicion regarding the methods of treatment and the credibility of the doctors is justified as it is a major concern for anyone spending money and giving in themselves for treatments. Our clinic contains one of the most experienced and highly qualified staff in the entire state. Our doctors are licensed and certified by the state to provide medical treatment involving the use of marijuana. Our staff does not only consist of work professionals but also researchers who are up to date with the pros and cons of the use of marijuana and are aware of its implications on the human body. Our staff is under strict surveillance under the hierarchy, and it is due to the competence of our staff that we have always had a positive response from our patients. Our clinic provides the best services in the entire state at the most affordable rates.

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Is marijuana safe and effective?

The use of marijuana has been a heated topic of debate for quite some time in the USA. The FDA (Food and drug administration authority) has rendered marijuana safe and healthy for consumption even though it still has some side effects that can be extravagated through prolonged use or abuse of marijuana. The basic properties of marijuana are used to treat various illnesses in individuals and have many other long-term medical benefits.

The FDA has approved marijuana pills, sprays, liquid extracts, and edibles. Every medicine that is available on the market has some side effects. Still, it is being used, so why not marijuana, a natural drug? Nevertheless, the growing acceptability of marijuana in the states shows that it has greater benefits than damages to the human body and nervous system.

Possible Side effects of marijuana

Even though it has many benefits, marijuana can also significantly adversely affect the body if consumed radically. One of the greater short-term side effects of marijuana is mood swings, color blindness, memory loss, dizziness, laziness, hallucinations, asthma, and heart diseases. Moreover, the long-term side effects are memory loss, impaired thinking, loss of learning ability, heart strokes, breathing problems, vomiting, nausea, extravasation of mental problems, and an upset stomach. It also tends to hamper brain growth and cause brain damage for a long time. It is to be noted that all medicines have some side effects that can only be visible in the form of abuse or use without a prescription.

Medical marijuana and the people of the USA

According to a recent study, more than 85% of the people in the USA agree with legalizing cannabis in the states. With growing awareness, individuals are opting for healthy and organic ways of treating their illnesses, and therefore, the stigma against weed or cannabis as a dangerous drug has almost diminished. The people are certainly aware of its benefits and prefer opting for a cheaper alternative to other chemical-based pharmaceuticals produced by big pharma. It is also estimated that several million Americans currently consume it regularly. Cannabis has become a revolutionary edible and organic alternative to expensive and damaging allopathic medicines.

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