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Do you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, or other mental disorders that take a toll on your daily life? Is this routine becoming a common hindrance in performance and day-to-day activities? Then is the best choice for you. We are one of the most reliable companies in the state due to our highly qualified and competent professionals who are experts in their field and the years of experience that we possess.

If you want to schedule an appointment related to medical marijuana treatment, then is the right choice. Our clinics are located in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, and Wellington. To schedule an appointment with us, just follow the undermentioned procedure:

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Medical Marijuana

Medicinal uses of marijuana

The use of marijuana in the USA drastically increased after 2018, when many states legalized it based on medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana uses plants and chemicals to treat various diseases; it is the same plant that is also extensively used for recreational purposes. Marijuana contains different chemicals called cannabinoids, and the main chemicals used are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Marijuana is highly helpful in treating many mental disorders and a vast array of other bodily illnesses. Marijuana helps in releasing depression as well as other forms of anxiety and is also highly effective in managing chronic pains in adults and relieving other symptoms of spasms. Marijuana can also be used to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Crohn’s disease. The chemicals present in medical marijuana are similar to chemicals found in the human body that regulate the mechanisms of memory and movement.

The method of treatment

The most common use of medicinal marijuana in the states is to treat body pain, which is ineffective as anesthesia. However, it is good enough for people’s general body pains with age. For most doctors in the USA, it is prescribed as a pain medicine for headaches, muscle spasms, or long-run conditions like nerve pain and cancer. The human body can produce chemicals similar to marijuana to treat pain, inflammation, and sleep deprivation. Marijuana can help those chemicals work more effectively. There are different ways of consuming marijuana; you can either smoke, vaporize it, eat it directly or consume it in the form of a liquid extract.

State laws regarding medical marijuana cards

First of all, there is a list of qualifying conditions for the medical marijuana card that varies from state to state. However, generally states that permit medical cards allow it for specific diseases such as cancer, HIV and Aids, Glaucoma, epilepsy, seizures, chronic pains, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, migraine, and nausea, a few major ones of them. In Florida, a patient can acquire a medical marijuana card through a physician’s prescription if they have chronic symptoms in their life that hinder them from carrying out day-to-day activities. Long-term effects on mental and physical health are also considered in this process.

Marijuana Card Boynton Beach

How to acquire a medical marijuana card in Boynton Beach?

In the case of, you would first need to fill out a questionnaire form asking questions related to your personal life and your medical condition. New patients, re-evaluations, and transfer patients can acquire their medical marijuana card by scheduling a meeting with our medical experts or by contacting us via email or phone call. The doctors at the clinic would then determine whether you qualify for the card or not, the process is risk-free, and if the patient does not qualify, then there is no fee. Moving on, our clinic provides new patients with approval on the same day. The new patients would be able to apply for their medical marijuana card in Florida on the day of their first appointment.

Medical marijuana patients’ evaluation

First of all, ensures whether all forms of other medical treatments have failed or not. If yes, then documentation is required for that process to be ensured. Secondly, it is ensured whether the patient has a history of drug abuse. There is a careful examination and follow-up on the patients who have used marijuana previously for recreational or medical purposes through various techniques, including pulmonary function testing and ensuring the absence of any superadded infection. Will the patient be required to be licensed by the state, and have they shown any symptoms of addiction to the medicine? After formally going through the questioning process, the process of treatment is taken a step further.

Important Fact

Is marijuana safe and effective as a medicine?

The medicinal properties of marijuana have been a topic of debate for quite some while. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has proven quite a wide variety of medicinal benefits. THC-based medicines such as dronabinol and nabilone have been used to treat nausea in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy and to treat patients with symptoms of HIV-Aids. In addition to that, the FDA has also approved CBD-based liquid medication and mouth sprays that are conveniently available in different parts of the country. The creation of drugs from plants has its shortcomings. Botanicals may consist of various unknown active chemicals that might have adverse effects on an individual’s health. The use of marijuana as a drug can also result in patients getting addicted to marijuana and using it incorrectly. Nevertheless, many states are legalizing marijuana because its benefits outweigh its damages.

Short-term side effects of marijuana

Marijuana even has quite some medical benefits; however, it is also a life-ending drug that could have various effects if used extensively or overdosed. The short-term side effects of marijuana are as follows;

  • Mood swings
  • Altered senses, for example, colour blindness, etc.
  • Forgetting the sense of time
  • Memory loss
  • Damaged body movement
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Asthma
  • Heart diseases

Long-term side effects of marijuana

Marijuana can also hamper the brain development of individuals that consume it in the long run. When individuals start using marijuana for recreational purposes or as teenagers, it can have the following effects.

  • Impair thinking
  • Memory
  • Learning ability
  • It can cause heart strokes
  • Asthma
  • Can cause child problems during pregnancy
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach related problems
  • Extravasation of mental problems

Our Complete Services:

New Patients: We accept new patients, which means a new person can apply for a medical card after an appointment with our doctor. Our doctor will check your medical history and qualifying conditions before approval. 

Card Renewal: If your Florida medical marijuana card is expired, you can also visit our clinic for its renewal at an affordable cost. Remember that you have to renew your card after every 7 months. 

Patient Transfer: We also accept patient transfers. If you want to change your previous doctor or clinic in the Boynton Beach area, visit our facility for the transfer process. 

Dispensary: You can also visit our clinic to buy various CBD and MMJ-related products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions People Asking

Who is a pot doctor?

Pot doctors are physicians specially licensed to recommend medical marijuana as a viable treatment solution for various symptoms, diseases, and conditions. Pot doctors review a patient’s medical history and qualifying conditions before deciding whether to approve or deny access to medical marijuana.

Who is a weed doctor?

Weed doctors are specialized health care professionals who specialize in providing medical cannabis card certifications to patients. Weed doctors also check a patient’s qualifying condition and medical history before recommending MMJ. 

Do you have doctors that can prescribe medical marijuana in Boynton Beach, FL?

Yes, we have. To buy any medical marijuana in the state of Florida, you should have a medical card. To get a medical card, you should schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor to see your qualifying conditions before your approval. After approval of your case and card, you can buy MMJ from any dispensary. 

What is the process for Florida medical marijuana certifications in Boynton Beach, FL?

Book an appointment with our doctor. Visit our clinic with your medical history as per the appointment date and time. Our medical specialists will have an initial appointment with you for 20-30 minutes. After this appointment, you can get your recommendation based on your case. Every patient is not qualified. For more information, you can read this detailed guide.

Where is your clinic located in Boynton Beach, and how to book an appointment?

Our clinic is with Green Life Wellness at 700 W Boynton Beach Blvd. You can call our customer support department for an appointment and clinic location. 

What is the best dispensary to buy CBD or MMJ-related products?

You can buy MMJ and CBD products from our dispensary. You can also ask the doctor about the most suitable products. 

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We provide a treatment for wide range of chronic and devastating conditions at our clinic. Our clinic consists of highly knowledgeable staff that are committed to their jobs. With the help of our doctors, our patients have been able to find relief from various conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, cancer,  migraine, etc. Our clinic provides the best services in Florida at an affordable cost.

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