Simple Steps to Clean Glass Bong

As the use of marijuana has been legalized due to its efficient advantages in the medical field, the usage of bongs has also increased. You must know how to clean glass bongs as their cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

Bongs accumulate dirt and bacteria easily, making it essential to clean them regularly, or they can also prove harmful to your health. Therefore, if you are utilizing medical marijuana, you must know about the appropriate maintenance of your glass bongs as well.

Many health experts and doctors who recommend medical marijuana are also raising awareness for cleaning glass bongs. They also provide you with enough information on cleaning methods to combat their concern for dirty bongs. You must clean out all the accumulated resin from your glass bong to ensure that you are not inhaling any mold or harmful bacteria.

How Often Should You Clean the Glass Bongs?

The health experts recommend cleaning the glass bongs regularly, usually after a few days or once a week. In addition to this regular cleaning, it is also recommended to change the bong water after every use.

If your bong water’s color has changed, you must know that it is time to give your glass bong a deep clean. Even if you have added clean water into your bong, it will appear brownish-green because of the accumulated resin inside the bong. It indicates that you should clean your glass bong as soon as possible, or you would be inhaling any bacteria or mold that can be harmful to your health.

Below is a comprehensive guide on cleaning the glass bong. With this, you will get all the benefits of medical marijuana and prevent the harmful effects of accumulated resins.

Things You Require to Clean Glass Bong

If you think that cleaning your glass bong will be a difficult task or take a lot of time, you don’t have to worry. Neither is it a very complicated task nor will it take a lot of your time. The things you will need while cleaning your glass bongs include;

  • Salt
  • Hand towels
  • Bong plugs
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Two zipper storage bags

How to Clean Glass Bongs?

To Clean Glass Bongs, follow the below-mentioned step-by-step instructions;

  • Take two zipper bags and place the bong downstem in one while the bowl in the other. It is important to keep them in separate bags to ensure effective cleaning without any damage.
  • Now, prepare a mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol. This mixture has proven extremely effective in the efficient cleaning of glass bongs. Pour this mixture into both bags until the bong downstem, and the bowl is submerged in the mixture.
  • To ensure that resin is not accumulated in the bong, it is necessary to change the water regularly. So, empty the bong from its old water.
  • Now, pour the salt and alcohol mixture into the bong till its bottom is completely covered in the solution. Let it sit this way for a while.
  • Use the bong plugs and cover the downstream area and bong mouthpiece. It is important to make sure that the opening is efficiently covered with the bong plugs and it fits perfectly.
  • Now that the bong plugs fit perfectly onto the openings, shake the bong. This will help remove all the built-up resin on the surface of the bong.
  • You will have to do the same with the two zipper bags containing the bowl and downstream.
  • Once the resin comes off the surface, empty the bong and the two storage bags from the salt and alcohol mixture.
  • Finally, use a clean hand towel and clean the glass bong. Let it sit and dry for a while.
  • Before reassembling the bong, make sure to wash the bong with hot water a couple of times. This is important because there should not be any alcohol traces inside or onto your bongs.

How to Clean Bongs Made Out of Latex or Acrylic?

The cleaning procedure of glass bongs is slightly different from that of bongs made out of latex, plastic, or acrylic. In this case, you will need a large straw brush or a pipe cleaner and hot water. You will have to pour the hot water into the bong and rub it with a brush or a pipe cleaner to pull off the resins.

Moreover, you will have to repeat this procedure several times or until the water you pour inside the bong comes out completely clean. These bongs are relatively sensitive, and alcohol can cause damage to them. This is why no alcohol mixture is used in their cleaning, and they are cleaned with pure hot water only.

How To Clean A Bong With Isopropyl Alcohol & Kosher Salts?

In this method, you will use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt. The procedure to clean the bong is similar to that of the first one discussed above. You need to take a large plastic storage bag or a freezer zipper bag and pour the salt and rubbing alcohol mixture into it.

After that, put the bong into the bag. You can even put the bowl or downstream of your bong into the mixture. It is advisable to keep them separately in one container each.

Now, shake well until all resins are removed from the surface of the bong and its components. Now, empty the bong from the solution using a vacuum cleaner or a syringe. It is important to pay attention that the bong does not have any traces of alcohol when you wash it with clean water because rubbing alcohol can damage the surface and base of the glass.

You need to repeat this procedure occasionally so that your bongs remain in good condition.

How To Clean A Bong With Baking Soda & Vinegar?

This is one of the most common ways to clean a bong. You will need white distilled vinegar, baking soda, hand towels, dishwashing soap, and rubber gloves.

Take a big zipper storage bag or freezer bag and place the components of the bong into it. Mix vinegar with some baking soda in two separate containers. Add water to the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. It is important to create a paste-like mixture.

You need to rub the inside of the bong with this paste using your hands or fingers. You can even use a pipe cleaner for this purpose; make sure you wear rubber gloves for protection purposes. Let it sit like that for some time, and the resins will detach from the surface of the bong.

Now, pour out the remains and clean them with water. It is important to make sure all traces of vinegar are removed because it can damage your bongs’ glass surfaces.

Glass Bongs Maintenance Tips

As is already mentioned above, you will have to clean your bong regularly to ensure that you are inhaling the pure substance. Only this is the way that will help you completely benefit from medical marijuana and prevent the harmful effects of its accumulated resins. Here are some maintenance tips to reduce the cleaning sessions of your glass bongs.

  • While you smoke marijuana, make sure to add some lemon drops into your bong water.
  • Do not let water sit into the bong when not in use. It will be only responsible for resin accumulation.
  • Remove the hard water stains from your bong by using a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice.

Final thoughts

All of us are aware of the medical benefits of marijuana and how doctors are recommending it to treat various health issues. Therefore, it is important to consider its hygienic issues as well. Now that you know how to Clean Glass Bongs and why it should be done, you must not compromise on cleaning your glass bongs. It is necessary to keep the bongs clean not to inhale any bacteria or dirt that can be harmful to your health. You can explore Med Card Today for informative stuff regarding medical marijuana.