Cost of Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Med Card Today offers affordable medical marijuana cards in Florida. New patients can get their Florida medical card for $225. This includes a doctor’s evaluation fee ($150) and card fee ($75). In comparison, card renewal is done for only $100.

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Cost of Marijuana Card in Florida

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida is not as simple as getting a regular prescription from your doctor. To be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you must qualify for a “debilitating medical condition” as specified in Florida Statute 381.986(1).

Getting an MMJ Card is quite a streamlined process, but if you are confused or want to know the cost of a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida, we have got you covered. Let’s take a look!

Why Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you suffer from any chronic condition or painful symptoms, you might be a candidate for medical marijuana. According to studies, cannabis is an effective treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more.

But how do you get it and most important thing, can you afford it? Well, medical marijuana is quite affordable, and patients can easily get their hands on it without breaking the bank.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Doctor Evaluation Cost in Florida?

The cost of a medical cannabis card is quite affordable. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to get evaluated to determine if medical cannabis suits you to cure your health conditions.

During the evaluation, medical marijuana doctors will check your condition. If you have issues like arthritis, HIV, Cancer, PTSD, Migraines, muscular dystrophy, etc., you can be recommended for a medical marijuana card in Florida.

There is a huge possibility that medical marijuana can also help cure other conditions. However, it’s best to consult with a certified medical marijuana doctor.

Does Medical Insurance cover the MMJ Card Cost?

Unfortunately, at this time, most medical insurance companies do not cover the cost of a medical marijuana card or future treatments. Besides that, there is no universal or fixed cost for medical examinations.

Your pay depends on the doctor, the number of visits you make, and other associated costs. However, the average cost is around $200-$250 for the initial evaluation.

In Florida, providing a medical marijuana card is our speciality. We offer an affordable, convenient, and easy way for patients to get their hands on this life-changing medication.

What is the Cost of a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

The cost of a medical marijuana card in Florida is quite affordable. You can easily get your hands on one by getting a recommendation from a qualified doctor and then applying for a medical marijuana card from the Florida Department of Health. 

Florida residents can expect to pay around $75 for their MMJ card. The cost mostly depends  on the marijuana doctor and the number of visits you make. The Florida Department of Health issues the cannabis card, and the cost of $75 is required for full-year access.

Moreover, there is a card renewal fee, which is required every year. The best thing is that you can do it online without visiting the doctor again. This cost is worth it, especially for patients struggling with chronic conditions and looking for an affordable way to get their hands on medical marijuana.

By using an MMJ card, you can easily access dispensaries and medical marijuana doctors in Florida. You can also get your hands on a wide range of cannabis products specifically designed to treat your condition.

How Can I Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

If you are a Florida resident and want to get a medical marijuana card, contact We can provide you with the medical cannabis use certification required to get approved for the use of medical marijuana.

Get an online consultation with our certified doctors and visit us at the given time and date. Don’t forget to bring your medical records, reports, prescriptions, and ID.

At Med Card Today, we strive to provide quality services to our patients. We will do everything in our power to help you get approved for the use of medical marijuana.

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